Dapchi Abduction: Searches extend to neighbouring countries — Nigeria News — FACTJIST.COM

The ongoing search for the 110 girls who were abducted from the Government Girls Science and Technical College (GGSTC), Dapchi, Yobe State, has been extended to the neighbouring countries, the Federal Government has announced. Dapchi girls In a statement issued in Abuja on Friday, the Minister…Dapchi Abduction: Searches extend to neighbouring countries via Dapchi Abduction: Searches […]

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We may not all be created equal in every attribute but we all have several things in common.

So, what are these things?
Of Course, Our Time…..
All of us have the same amount of time – the same amount of seconds, minutes and hours in a day to do with as we desire.
And There Is, Individual Power
We also have individual power although some may think not because they live in countries where they are ruled by a strict dictator or military government.

But, even these people have power.

Combine Time and Power in Your Words?
The time you take and the power of your words – how you say them, what words you choose to use, and when to speak these words. These words can be ones that ridicule, make fun of, chastise, or ones that provide encouragement , praise or demonstrate kindness.

A Story Of Time and Power of Words
I recall a story told to me by a good friend of mine who used to commute to work daily on a go train. Once disembarking the train, he always walked he short distance to his office building along with all the other throngs of people hurrying on their way to their work.

Each morning, he passed an older man who was always at the same spot with cup in hand hoping to get a bit of change by those who passed by. For most people, this person was someone to be ignored as if he didn’t exist, a person who they didn’t want to be bothered with.

Invariably, though, my friend would always say good morning to him and bid him to have a good day. The stranger would smile back, say good morning and remain on station until all the commuters had gone on their way.
Occasionally, my friend would drop a dollar or two in his cup on his way by as he said hello.

This behaviour went on for several years until one day his last day on the job before retirement, my friend stopped for a few moments to speak with this man.
He told the man that he would no longer be passing by because this was his last day on the job.

The man took his hand and shook it warmly saying that he had always looked forward to seeing my friend pass his way and not because he dropped a few dollars in his cup.

He said he would miss my friend because he was one of the few people out of thousands who passed him daily who ever said hello, and was the only one who ever bid him to have a good day.
The man also said that his warm words always brightened his day and helped him to continue on despite being ignored by thousands of others who saw him daily.

The Message Is Clear
We all have power in words and it doesn’t mean, at all, that the most basic of greetings and recognition have no impact. In fact, all our words have impact and so often we do not recognize that some can be devastating to another, others can cause others to give up, or others can help encourage.

Never Forget The Power That You Have
Remember your power when you speak for you have more influence than you think. Your words may be the encouragement that someone desperately needs. Take the time , sometimes it is only a matter of seconds! You may be surprised the difference you will make in someone’s life.

“Black Panther” is now the Highest Grossing Superhero movie of All-Time in the U.S — Basehitz Media

The much talked about Black Panther movie has broken yet another record by surpassing its fellow Marvel Studios cinematic piece The Avengers as the highest grossing superhero movie of all-time in the United States. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the movie achieved this milestone on Saturday going past The Avengers which was released in 2012 […]

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Watch Aliko Dangote Dance To Davido’s ‘FIA’ At His Daughter’s Wedding — Nigeria No. 1 Enetrtainment Potal

Aliko Dangote Dance To Davido’s ‘FIA’ At His Daughter’s Wedding It’s was lit yesterday, March 23rd at the grand finale of Aliko Dangote’s daughter’s wedding and people cannot still get enough of it. A video is trending right now of Father of the bride, Dangote dancing to FIA when he was performing live at the…

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Man Forced To Exhume His Late Parents’ Remains Due To Road Expansion (Photos) — Nairaland

This is not the best of times for a man who was forced to exhume the remains of his late parents in Imo state. According to reports, the man had to exhume the remains of his late father and mother buried years ago – due to the expansion of a highway by Imo State Government…//pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js

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Lady Riding On A Motorcycle Crushed To Death By Car (Warning! Very Graphic Photos!) — Nairaland

This lady in her late 30ths was crushed this afternoon by unknown car while riding on her motorcycle to a nearby village.According to people who rushed to the scene that the car refused to stop but someone who witnessed the incident said he noticed it from far away that he could not see the number…

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Bill “wailer” Gates? So much for Nigeria’s Economic Recovery and Growth Plan? — Viva Naija

Bubu [President Buhari] must have been shocked and shook. No disrespect, even Osinbajo must have been like “haba, Billy, take it easy now”. Apparently upon a major prodding from Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote, the one and only Bill Gates was present in Nigeria and was scoring the “much-talk” Economic Recovery and Growth Plan below…

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Video: DJ Xclusive – Shempe ft. Slimcase, MzKiss — Download Latest Naija Mp3 songs, mp4 Video, Mixtape and Comedy

DJ Xclusive – Shempe ft. Slimcase, MzKiss Mp4 Download DJ Xclusive, is a Nigerian disc jockey, record producer and recording artist, with 2 compilation albums to his name, the Disc jockey is taking no kick back as he’s one of the maximum hard working Nigerian DJ’s who continues on churning excellent music substances. After freeing…

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BREAKING NEWS: ISIS Gunman Who Killed 3 In France Supermarket Terror Attack Shot Dead — factjist.com


Peter Allen (Video provided by Fox News) A gunman claiming allegiance to ISIS who holed himself up inside a French supermarket after killing three people in a terror attack has been shot and killed by police.The attacker told police hostage negotiators he wanted a terrorist involved in the Paris attacks to be released from jail, […]

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Buhari Offers Amnesty To Repentant Boko Haram Members — Nairaland

PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari has offered amnesty to members of the Boko Haram terrorist willing to drop their arms.Mr. Buhari stated this on Friday at a meeting with freed schoolgirls who were previously abducted from their school in Dapchi, Yobe State by Boko Haram terrorists.“Federal Government is ready to rehabilitate Boko Haram militants who are ready…

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9 reasons why people stick to the job they don’t like.

1. Because risk terrifies them.

It’s a risk to go somewhere else — “What if it’s even worse?” It’s a risk to try something new. It’s a risk to leave wherever you are and go somewhere else.

2. Because learning something new is hard.
It’s so sad and yet so true.
Most people don’t leave their jobs simply because the thought of having to learn a new process, a new skill set, a new anything is terrifying and exhausting to them.
What a sad way to live.

3[b]. Because they love “the golden handcuffs.”[/b]

One of the greatest double-edged swords of high paying corporate America is what’s called “living with golden handcuffs.”
Your salary is so good, your benefits are so good, your retirement plan is so good, everything is so good that you’re willing to sit in a cubicle hating your life for 8 hours a day simply because, on paper, you’re “living the life.”

4. Because they secretly love to complain.

Another sad truth, but some people love to be miserable.
They find enjoyment in showing up to work and uttering the phrase, “I hate Mondays.” They have learned to love their misery — and as much as they talk about leaving, they never will.

5. Because it would disappoint their parents.

Some of the most talented people end up working jobs they despise simply because they don’t want to disappoint their parents. Or their family. Or their friends. Or anyone else.
So who are you living for, then? Them?

6. Because they’ve overextended themselves.

It’s amazing how much people prioritize having “things” before they have established the lifestyle they want.
They get a job they don’t love, but pays pretty well, and before they know it they’ve got an expensive car payment, high rent, and an expensive lifestyle from which they can’t escape. They want to do something else, but by now they’ve accumulated too much overhead.
And a shift in lifestyle is unthinkable to them.

7. Because they like their “title.”

These people stay with their undesirable job simply because of the title they have.
They would rather be the Vice President of Boring than be seen as someone who is “trying to make their dreams happen.” Because that road is harder, and isn’t about titles at all — and for a lot of people, that’s too much for their ego to bear.

8. Because they have responsibilities now.

They have a wife, three kids, a mortgage, college funds to save for, etc.
By now in their career, they can’t make the move to something else. They’ve crossed the threshold and have decided, “You know what, this is where I am, and that’s that.”
They’re comfortable, and so they stay.

9. Because they fear being wrong.
Or worse, they fear rejection
They care a lot about what people think of them, and the thought of trying to do something unconventional or different they enjoy, and failing, is what keeps them from ever trying in the first place.